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Sports advertising – live scores

Sports advertising – live scores

Advertising in sports website. How to use Google Adsense in sports websites? football advertising or google AdSense. Sports advertising – live scores.

How to use Google advertisement with our script? Sports advertising – live scores

Monetizing your sports website with advertisement such as google adsense, bing, taboola etc.. is one of the best and easiest way to make money from your website — provided you have good enough traffic in your website. Our script is well built to advertise with any ad codes. Sports advertising – live scores

How do you advertise with Google Ad?

First sign up with the google adsense and wait for the approval message from Google. Please make sure that your website is fully active and have sizeable traffic in your website. Like for example you have 50 odd users who daily participate in your forum or tips/betting contest. It’s not that necessary to have 50 registered users, even if you have 100 daily random visitors in your website, you should be just fine enough to get approval. Please do not use any IP(other than your original computer/internet IP) to sign up. You will not be able to trick Adsense team to get approval by cheating. Sports advertising – live scores

There is absolutely no advantage of using different IP or other country to get your account approved. It doesn’t increase your revenue even if you are able to successfully get approved from high adsense paying countries. It all depends on the source of your website traffic.

Once your adsense is approved, visit adsense dashboard and activate your ad widget. When you activate your dynamic ad, you will get adsense code to place in your website header. Copy the code and place the code in all the theme headers by accessing your website files. Go to wp-content/themes/sportscaff. Here you will see all headers. Place the code in anywhere between — at the top of the page. Google ad will automatically show it.

Without Dynamic ad

If you are not using dynamic ad, you can also create individual ad and copy paste each of the ad code in sidebar or block widgets. For this go to Appearance->widgets.. Here on the left side column click on the “text” widget and put in the relevant blocks, for eg. if it’s for sidebar, click on sidebar, if it’s for narrow left sidebar, click on narrow left sidebar. You can put any text and test out the locations if that’s the problem in locating the exact position. Sports advertising – live scores

How do you earn money from Adsense with our script? What’s special about it?

Because our script comes with live sports data and events, there will always be people who will be regularly visiting your website to see sports stats, match up, results, odds comparison or odds trend or odds or match predictor. This will ensure that you get regular traffic irrespective of your contest events or forum discussion. One of the most added advantage is that you can collect entry fee to conduct tips or betting contest that will keep stream of users always making hundreds and thousands of page views. Even if you have only 100 active forum participator, you will get at least 5000-10000 page views or CPM daily. Even if your CPM is $2/thousand views, you still earn $10-$20 for every single day.

Still earning more than that

This will account to anywhere between $300 – $600 earnings per month. Here we are still talking only about advertising revenue. There are contest fee which you can collect from users to participate and win prizes at least 40% of entry fee pool. Pool contest rewards of 40% means if there are 100 participants, you will collect $1000 for $10 entry fee. Which means you will give back $400 in rewards. For eg. you can award $200 for 1st prize winner, $100 each for both position 2 and position 3. You are still left with $600. So in actual case you will earn anything between $800 – $1600 per month with just 100 users. Imagine if you have 5000 users. It will just scale up your business in no time. Sports advertising – live scores

This is how you can make plenty of money by using our script and doing good marketing in the process. Moreover, Google Adsense is just one of several ways to monetize. Not just Google adsense, you can also use bing ad or taboola content ads to leverage your revenue.

The figure and facts mentioned here are just for indicative figures from our years of experience in sports websites. It’s not necessary that you will make the same income as mentioned here. It may be way more as business progresses or may be way less than what’s being indicated here. It all depends on the marketing strategies and how you execute your business. Check out our features sports software

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