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Sports betting competition

Sports betting competition

Sports Betting Competition

Tipsters, sports bet competition for million tips. Sports Betting Competition

With our software, sports betting competition or tipsters competition is one of the most important feature to come along with. Conduct betting contest and tipsters contest with entry fee. You can conduct from wide range of sports and events. There are over 1000 events everyday on all sports. Almost all the events are automatic and PayPal payment gateway is integrated already.

Sports bet competition or contest

Sportsbook competition is one of the feature you can conduct to collect entry fee from users and award the top winning players with pool compensation. You will have large pool of users to participate with all the sports available. This feature is perfect for soccer betting contest. As you are directly not involved in betting, so you are totally allowed to collect entry fee from payment gateways such as paypal. This also doesn’t require license to conduct.

Tipsters competition or championship or contest

This is another feature that is loved by millions of sports fans. Not just the players but there are hundreds and thousands of people who are looking for competent sports pickers who can help them in sports trading. When you conduct this tournament, it’s bound to help you find top sports bettors or tipsters who can be helpful or use in your website to provide premium sportspick service right within your website.

How do you actually make money from this feature?

You create tournament for eg. 1st month to last day of the month. Anyone who wants to enter in the tournament is asked to pay entry fee to the tournament. For eg. $10 as entry fee. In return you can give back 70-80% of the pool amount or lower. Like if you have 1000 participants, you collect $10,000, out of this payout the players $7000-8000 to the top winners and keep the rest to yourself.

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